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Bowl feeders……

As part of The PCE GROUP of Companies, we continue to Collaborate and Innovate at every turn; harnessing the latest technologies to create automation excellence.

Our collaborative approach, helps enhance overall product quality.  Whether producing stand alone or a complete automation system, we leave not stone unturned in ensuring that our solutions are fully adaptable for a variety of products, especially our Vibratory Bowl Feeders

All of our Vibratory bowl feeders are bespoke in design and handcrafted by our expert team, to the exact specification of the customer product.  Fully fabricated from stainless steel, or tooled within a cast aluminium bowl top, our Vibratory Bowl Feeders effortlessly process individual component parts to downstream automation processes and production lines.

Bowl feeders

Components are bulk loaded into to the bowl, or can be regulated by an elevated conveyor or vibratory hopper.  Sensors can be deployed to regulate the number of parts within the bowl at one time, ensuring an even distribution/flow of parts.

The vibration of the Bowl Feeder carries the components through bespoke tooling, ensuring that parts are correctly orientated for downstream processes.  Orientation relies on the shape and mechanical behaviour of the product. The ramps within a bowl feeder are specifically designed for each part, although the core mechanism is deployable across different parts.

VBF’s can be supplied with plain feed flights, or can be tooled for the selection and orientation of specific components, to the exact profile.  Each vibratory bowl feeder is supplied with a variable speed controller and is suitable for operation from a standard single phase electrical supply and can be configured to run in conjunction with Belt elevators for bulk supply and/or Linear Feeders for buffer and storage.

Bowl Feed Systems can be used for component feeding for sorting and grading, within;

  • Counting devices
  • Pick and placement units
  • Vision Systems for inspection or selection
  • Gauging systems
  • Electronic control panels
  • Bulk feed systems

Perhaps your production line could benefit from a Bowl Feeding process, or you are considering your next automation project.   Our solutions will greatly improve your product handling capabilities and complement any automation process.  Our vastly experienced team are standing by to help bring your part feeding ambitions to life and help you exceed your production goals.

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